our dogs

Agathe vom Wasserwirt

born 19/11/2015

father: Iaago du val du Morakopf
mother: Rana vom Fugerhof

austrian junior champion
austrian champion
international champion
clubwinnershow  2016 female longhair juniorclass V1 125. years St. Bernhardsklub e.V.
jubelee juniorwinner 2016 female longhair 125 years St. Bernhardsklub e.V.
"Alpenjugendsieger" Nürnberg 2017
multi CACIB, multi BOS-Winner

HD-B, ED-0
72 cm

mother of 23 beautiful puppies from
our A, B and D litter

Alois vom Raachberg

born 27/12/2018

father: Lord od Strazcu hor
mother: Agathe vom Wasserwirt

austrian junior champion

HD-A, ED-0
76 cm
available for breeding
offspring available

Adele vom Raachberg

born 27/12/2018

father: Lord od Strazcu hor
mother: Agathe vom Wasserwirt

austrian junior champion

HD-A, ED-0
72 cm

mother from 10 beautiful puppies
from our C litter

Camilla vom Raachberg

born 05/08/2021

father: Odysseus vom Goldachtal
mother: Adele vom Raachberg

Elizabeth Queen vom Raachberg

genannt Lilli

born 14/05/2023

Vater: Zoomorf‘s Nadax
Mutter: Adele vom Raachberg

about us 

This is us...

Manuel, Nicole and our Saint Bernards Agathe vom Wasserwirt who is lovely called "Luisey", Alois, Adele, Camilla & Elizabeth Queen, called „Lilli“ vom Raachberg.

We live in Gloggnitz in Lower Austria near the Semmering.
Our dogs are completely in our family-life involved.
Our pride is composed of Luisey, Alois, Adele, Camilla, Lilli, our familycats „Franz" and „Flocki“ and our Blobe-goats.

The way everything began ...

In January 2016 we were skiing in Ischgl and had a wonderful day. Then we decided to get to Samnaun/ Switzerland. There we skied through the village when we suddenly saw a Saint Bernard puppy. We stopped and looked at the puppy and were very excited because the puppy was soooooo cute!
When we were back in Ischgl I immediately started searching for a Saint Bernard puppy on the internet because I always really liked this breed very much!

Back home again I made an appointment with Manuela Scheyrer (Saint Bernards "vom Wasserwirt").
There I saw our Luisey for the first time and I fell completely in love with her.
Two days later we got our puppy Luisey home.

It was a big joy when she moved in and explored her new home for the first time!

As motivated young and new puppy-owners we visited every Sunday morning the "puppy-school" with her. After some months we began to take part on shows and got really nice reviews and big success.

And that's the reason why we are here right now.